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Elevate Productivity, Team Morale, and project overviews.

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What Goleko Do

Task Overview

Quick and easy viewing with the 1-click Smartboard. Make it easy to:

  • See what task your team is doing on all projects.
  • Properly assign tasks to the right person
  • Prevent overburdening with correct task assignment
  • Never miss a critical task again.

Enjoy flexibility and efficiency with 1-click.

Tab 1

Screen Recording

Comments as screen recordings. No more loom links or pop-out tools. Efficiently:

  • Give Feedback
  • Explain tasks
  • Create a wiki on how to do videos

The possibilities rest on your desires.

Tab 2

Time Tracking

Fun and simple logging of your hours. Enjoy:

  • Easy and simple tracking of completed tasks
  • Showcasing how time was spent
  • Easily exporting time logs for invoices

Your time is acknowledged and accounted for.

Tab 3

What Happened?

Always be in the loop with the integrated activity log. Get insights on:

  • Tasks
  • Project progress
  • A complete timeline of the day’s events
  • Find files and comments relevant to you.

Stay up-to-date with all information available to you in one place.

Tab 3


Assemble the right group for the right task. You can:

  • Select the right people for specific tasks.
  • Display potential costs of particular projects to clients.
  • Protect tasks from unauthorized deletion.

Enjoy full control to steer your project in the right direction.

Tab 3



  • 3 users
  • 3 projects
  • 300 tasks
  • 300MB
in Total


  • 4-10 users
  • 10 projects
  • 1000 tasks
  • 4GB
in Total


  • 11-100 users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • 100GB
in Total

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Buying Goleko?

Everything in the world is now subscription basis, but you can actually buy and own Goleko as long as you don't resell it.

You'll be able to run it forever on your own servers. Contact Sales for more.


Navin Peiris

CTO & Founder of Inkl, ImgDelivr and HeyInsights

Fast, beautiful, and amazing UX.
Goleko has put so much thought into perfecting every feature you need while providing a clean, uncluttered interface at the same time.
I love it!!

Thomas Halbritter

Social Media Content Creation

I love using Goleko because it helps me get more things done and keep track of my progress. It's fast and easy to use!
Julia Babiy

Julia Babii

UI and go-getter. Lover of doggies

Glad to be one of the builders of Goleko.

I like that everything you need for management is in one place. Screencast, Time Tracking and much more.

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Our Team

Martin Baun

Martin Baun

CEO, people's life improver

Kristina Kurhanska

Kristina Kurhanska

Backend wizard, light of the team

Kostiantyn Zhuha

Kostiantyn Zhuha

Jack of all trades, master of design & video editing

Anastasiia Syrykh

Anastasiia Syrykh

Frontend Superstar & Hip Hop dancer

Julia Babiy

Julia Babiy

UI and go-getter. Lover of doggies

Elvis Murseli

Elvis Murseli

Frontend Magician and student of life

Altin Sejdiu

Altin Sejdiu

AI Magician, VA and Badass

Billy Odhis

Billy Odhis

Writer, Philosopher and medic



“Sell me this Pen!” guy


What is Goleko?

Goleko is the newest and best project management tool built to help you manage your projects easily in a simple yet powerful manner.

How many projects can Goleko facilitate?

Goleko has been built from the ground prioritizing simplicity and efficiency in running multiple projects simultaneously. It has an in-built smart app that allows you to view all tasks assigned to a person at once and an activities app that shows all activities happening in real time across the workspace. It’s simple for your enjoyment and facilitates multiple tasks for efficiency and productivity.

Does Goleko have a time-tracking feature?

Yes. Goleko has a simple state-of-the-art time-tracking app that facilitates time-recording on tasks and projects done. This time-tracking app also allows for easy portability, which is useful in generating invoices for time spent on work done. It is useful for tracking expenses and billable hours for all tasks done.

Is Goleko fast?

Not only is Goleko fast, but it’s the fastest project management tool in the market. It has fast refresh speeds, allowing for seamless loading, thus facilitating productivity.

Can multiple editors work on Goleko?"

Yes, they can. Goleko allows for multiple editors to work on the same task simultaneously. It has an optimistic lock feature that prevents overriding from occurring. Users working on the same task will receive an error message informing them that the task is locked by a specific use. This prevents overriding which can happen this way or through a network loss. It’s a feature we’ve placed to help protect your work.

Does Goleko have a notification system?

Goleko has two notification alerts available for project updates. It has a ping and a visual notification system.

What is the ping notification system?

The ping notification system works exactly as it sounds. You get added to a task or project and receive a ping notifying you of the activity. This ping works efficiently to ensure you don’t miss any tasks or projects you’re assigned to. You’ll see a number on the smart board that informs you of a new ping.

How does the visual notification system work?

The visual notification system works on specific tasks you’ve been tagged, pinged, or mentioned. It resembles a red target and this is what you see on the task. This visual system and the ping notification system work together to ensure you never miss any assigned tasks.

How user-friendly is the interface?

Goleko has a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy for people of all technical abilities to adapt to and utilize. It is simple and easy to use. Goleko is built to easily onboard users and have them working right away.

Is there an integration feature?

Yes. Goleko currently has a basic integration system. We are looking for beta users to help us better the integrations and optimizations.

Is Goleko optimized?

Yes. Goleko is optimized but we still acknowledge that we can improve on this optimization. We are working on a feature to ease the flow of tasks and projects from one level to the next by simply clicking one button. It will automatically move the project to the next phase and assign it to the person in charge. This is one of the many ideas we’re working on to improve your user experience and efficiency.

Can I start using Goleko immediately?

Yes, you can. Goleko has no hiccups that prevent you from using it immediately as you need.

What notifications can I receive from Goleko?

Goleko has email notification features that notify all users of the day’s events and tasks.

What is the screen recorder feature?

The screen recorder feature allows you to record tasks and feedback in video format within Goleko. It is unique to Goleko and offers a new way to communicate and give feedback.

How is user feedback incorporated to improve the tool?

Goleko is built for the community, and user feedback is something that we take seriously. We listen to our users and improve on Goleko to make it excellent for them and enhance their experience.

Does Goleko handle client invoicing and financial tracking?

Goleko doesn’t exclusively do this but has the resources to facilitate it. Use the time-tracking app to generate a time log for work done. You can then use the time log to generate invoices for work done and help with financial tracking.

What is the pricing for Goleko?

Goleko has three different packages, each with a different price. These tiers are free, premium, and corporate. The free package doesn’t cost anything. The premium package costs $39/month, and the corporate package costs $199/month.

What is in the premium package?

The premium package costs $39/month. In it, you get 4 GB storage space, 1000 tasks capacity, and a 10 project capacity. It also allows 4-10 users to occupy the workspace. This price handles all users and is not paid per user.

What is in the corporate package?

The corporate package costs $199/month. In it, you get 100 GB storage space, unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and 11-100 users on the workspace. This price handles all users and is not paid per person.

Does Goleko have a customer support system?

Yes. Goleko has a prompt customer support system ready to help you solve any issues. We also offer custom solutions to problems you may experience.